jett segal
Jett Segal, Principal Designer

JETT SEGAL is the principal designer at JETT & COMPANY, Inc. She and her highly skilled team have been working together for over 10 years. The company is known as a full-service interior design firm providing extensive interior detail drawings combined with access to a wide range of high-end timeless and trending interior design concepts and furnishings. What sets Jett & Company apart is their fine-tuned design team’s professional disciplines for understanding the luxury buyer’s needs and desires.

Clients who seek beautiful and masterfully distinct interiors look to Jett & Company to achieve the sophisticated and relaxed livability that has been coined simply, “barefoot elegance.”

JETT & COMPANY Inc. has won an array of awards including the American Institute of Building Design for Custom Luxury Homes. Their work has also appeared in national magazines, books, HGTV and other publications.

When asked what ignites Jett & Company’s passion for design in serving their clients, the response is no surprise for this award-winning interior design firm, “Our true reward is seeing our client’s elation, knowing we have designed a stimulating atmosphere with a sense of gracious living, comfort, ease and elegance—a home where their treasured memories are created and cherished.”